Monday, February 04, 2008

People Would Stop To Hold Their Heads

Death, as we all know, cannot be reversed.How many more lives must be lost before people shed that "tidak apa" attitude? This is human lives we're talking about. Yes, I'm talking about the Slim River Bus Crash, that robbed away the life of a young girl with a bright future. This is late because I didnt have the space and time to do blog away from home. Now that I'm at home with the computer to myself, I was trying to understand the level of loss some people are feeling lately. I'm not in anyway related to her, except though friends who knew her and it really saddens me to hear about it. The 3 who perished were, 20, 21 and 23 years old. How can there be justice to that? Life is not fair... we've heard it all, but this, this is too much.I know death happens, accident happens, lives could be lost. But dont you think there have been way too many bus accidents around lately? And everytime they all say the same thing, they will investigate, they will hunt the drivers down, suspend the bus company. But thats all just plain shit talk aint it? Nothing ever changes.

I know when you're in a business you would want maximum profit without putting in much. But this is too much. There are way too many murderers on the road.Buses in bad condition, drivers are not qualified and have been breaking the rules, not just once but countless of times. Accidents happen all the time. They're called accidents when theres nothing anyone could do about it. Bus crashes are mostly the fault of the irresponsible drivers. We read it all the time in the newspaper, but no one really does or say anything about it. Then what is the point of knowing whats happening around us when we dont do anything to change it? You dont feel it when you're reading about someone else's death because you dont know what it is like to lose them until it happens to you.

I know its not as easy as, saying that you want something changed and it will happen. We dont have that kind of power. Not as a person, not even in a group of a 100 people. But if we try, as a bigger group,maybe something can be done. If there is anything that I can do, please let me know. As for now, I've signed a petition for bus crash no more. Please do drop by the page, Buscrashnomore
to read more about the Slim River Bus Crash and take your time to realize the number of lives that has been touched by not just this bus crash, but all the others in the past. Also, please do, sign the petition. CLick Here sign the petition so that the 3 lives who were unfairly robbed will not go in vain.

Thats for the serious part. Now let me rant

You bastards of a bus company and an asshole of a bus driver, if you people do not respect and treasure your own lives, please respect the whole load of passengers that you drive around. Their lives are more meaningful compared to yours. Some people have alot more in life for them, unlike yours driving a bus as a job. And even that you cant do it well. What in the hell are you good for? I think you bus drivers are doing better as a killer than as a bus driver. Kudos to you scumbags. May you suffer the kind of loss these families have lost but in 10 fold.

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